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Friday, October 31, 2008
KONGSBERG - A C4 Customer


Our naval and C4 products are used by around 25 navies worldwide. Several of our customers develop C4 systems and Norway's KONGSBERG is one of them.

Norway's Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KONGSBERG) is a typical Hatteland Display C4 customer. Having placed its first order for displays and computers in 1999, KONGSBERG has been using Hatteland Display products ever since, for its range of Combat Management Systems within the C4 environment.

image KONGSBERG states that the Norwegian Defence is its most important customer, but it is also a strong player on the defence export market. Its naval systems, which include the Submarine Combat Management System - MSI-90U, Surface Combat Management Systems for Frigates and FACs, and the MCM Combat Management Systems have to undergo stringent testing in order to be accepted for use in ops room and C4 environments. And for this reason, the company relies on quality suppliers for its system components.

"It is vital that we offer our customers highly reliable systems, so to ensure this, we have to start with quality suppliers," says Hakon Christiansen (Project Manager), KDA. "We also need suppliers who understand the complexity of working in the defence market, the different approvals required and the ability to handle confidential data and transactions in a professional, secure manner. We have found that Hatteland Display more than meets these criteria, which is why we have been working with them for nearly a decade."

Hatteland Display products are for example part of the sophisticated Senit 2000 system - the Combat Management System designed for surface combatants such as fast patrol boats and missile craft, specifically for littoral warfare. The emphasis is on anti-ship missiles, passive detection, tactical data links and fast response to pop-up air threats. It is fully NATO-interoperable and was installed on 14 Royal Norwegian Navy fast patrol craft of the Hauk-class, and is also equipped on Norway's new Skjold-class high-speed littoral combatant, which also generated interest from the US Navy.

"KONGSBERG is a great example of our work with military systems integrators. They request completely custom products from us and we have to implement our extensive expertise in C4 solutions in order to deliver," says Knut Vidar Lauritsen, President, Hatteland Display. "Our ability to produce custom orders on time and to very high quality standards ensures that we continue to be a strong supplier for Combat Management Systems for customers like KONGSBERG."

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