Friday, December 18, 2009
The Compact Fanless Computers

HT B17 and HT B18

This end of year period sees the launch of two new compact fanless computers; HT B17 and HT B18.

These new computers are an evolution of the previous HT B07 and HTB08 respectively, and with them comes improved performance. With an enhanced cooling system, both the new HT B17 and HT B18 are high quality computers with a long operational life time, and low service costs.

Both models have high end Core2Duo design and are completely silent under operation, due to the removal of fans and rotating hard-drives. They have dual DVI outputs, totally solid state storage which ensures fast data transfers and minimum boot time. In addition the absence of any fans makes these computers with no moving parts a neatly packaged system for the maritime segment.

Both models have dual Gigabit ethernet ports and are equipped with new motherboards incorporating the latest technology, increased computing performance and lower power consumption.

They also feature Hatteland Display's proprietary Heat Pipe Cooling Technology and Interchangeable CPU's. Multi-power (both AC and DC power) is standard on all HT B17 and HT B18 models making them compatible with power systems on any vessel, improving flexibility for system integrators and shipbuilders.

More precisely, the multi-power accepts simultaneous 115/230 VAC and 24VDC inputs, all in accordance with 60945.

Furthermore, a redundancy switchover feature of the power from AC to 24DC is present should the AC power be lost, meaning an uninterrupted switchover and continued operation.

The HT B17 is the slim version, although with the same technical performance. It is ideal for narrow space applications, such as is often required in retrofit projects. The HT B18 is larger in height compared to the HTB17. Equipped with PCI/PCIe support, it provides the opportunity to add accessories and performance further.

HT18 is able to support installation of two 2.5" SSD , where one is removable, and one is fixed internally. It can accommodate two full height PCI cards and one half length one as well as PCIe. An extra COM port (232/422/485) is also provided. Both HTB17 and HTB18 are in the final stage of the EN60945 test (IEC).

For information about availability and leadtime, please contact info@hatteland-display.com

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