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Wednesday, December 22, 2010
24 inch Wide screen FHD, the ultimate size for ECDIS!


We have started the development of our 16:9 FHD targeted at the ECDIS market. The 23 - 24 inch range is the smallest 16:9 LCD good for ECDIS. Hatteland Display has chosen to design around the 24 inch, since that will allow us to also use smaller LCD’s (23 inch FHD / 23.6 inch FHD) for second source/security of supply. Our 24 inch FHD uses embedded / industrial components only. This will allow us to offer the same product without any changes for 3+ years from mass production start.

Our 24 inch will have the following key features:

Type approved
ECDIS compliant (ECDIS color calibration solution available)
Touchscreen option
Optical Bonding option
Glass bridge mounting option
Prepared for OEM solutions / flexible

Two main versions:

Maritime Multi Display (std with RGB's, DVI's, composite inputs)
Maritime Multi Computer (high end panel computer, latest generation chipset / CPU)

banner Release plan:

Demo/introduction at Nor-Shipping 2011
Mass production from September 2011

First orders / projects are already ongoing; please get in touch with your sales representative in Hatteland Display to get the latest information or to discuss your project.

Further information about this product will follow in later Visions issues and on our website.

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