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Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Building a stronger supply chain in Asia


During 2010 Hatteland Display has taken several important steps in building a stronger supply chain in Asia, including opening our own office in Taipei.

Sourcing from Asia is one of our key strategic priorities, says Trond Johannessen, President and CEO of Hatteland Display. From our perspective an efficient supply chain in Asia is vital in order to sustain innovation power, high quality and cost efficiency.

We have been sourcing components from China, Taiwan and Japan for a long time, and have well established supplier relations in the region. During 2010 took some further steps to improve our capability for sub-assembly and system-level sourcing. We are working with a dedicated partner who acts as our IPO (International Procurement Office) in Taiwan. Further we have established business relationships with several suppliers with system-level capabilities on a preferential basis for the maritime space.

In September, we opened our own Hatteland Display office in Taipei. Joakim Emanuelsson with experience from Product Management and R&D at Hatteland Display currently spends the majority of his time working with our local partners out of the Taipei office.

We increasingly experienced the need for a local presence with background and knowledge of our products and business system. We are dedicated to build a strong supply chain in Asia in order to provide the right products for our customers. This year we have take a few more steps, and further steps will follow.

       Office location in Taipei, Taiwan

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