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Friday, December 19, 2008
Going Forward into 2009


2008 has been interesting to say the least. We have had another strong year and we continue to grow in our key areas of business and have introduced several manufacturing and process improvements at our headquarters in Nedre Vats. These changes were initiated to ensure our continued ability to provide high quality products with added value, and to secure our ability to deliver. We hope you have noticed the improvements in our service to you and we are committed to building on them throughout 2009.

Despite the current worldwide economic downturn, I am delighted that we were able to inform our customers and partners of our AAA-Maximum creditworthiness rating by a Dun & Bradstreet Business Report. Only 4% of companies reviewed receive this rating, so it reflects our strong financial foundation, and our ability to be a stable business partner, which will be vital as we move through the challenges of 2009 and beyond.

The Series 1 redesign was a focus at Hatteland Display in 2008, and we are confident that having started to ship units, it will make its mark in 2009. We have worked hard at improving an already high quality and innovative product and feedback so far shows that the new Series 1 is ready to repeat the success of the last generation. We have more new technology and functionality in the pipeline, which we are all looking forward to introducing in 2009.

We have also focussed on the American market somewhat this year, and I am happy to report that this is starting to pay off. Having built a stronger infrastructure in the USA we are now much better positioned to service our customers and end users. Other areas of interest have been our increased activity in the naval, especially C4, sector and the continued success of Series 2 in the yachting market. Both have been made possible by the dedication of Hatteland Display staff, and of course by the continued support of our customers.

On a personal note, you should know by now that my role at Hatteland Display is changing, and I wish you all to join me in support of the new Hatteland Display President, Trond Johannessen, who takes the reigns in February. My role is changing to focus on innovation in technology, products and business and I am looking forward to the challenges that this will bring.

My time as President at Hatteland Display has given me a lot of pleasure. From meeting you, our customers, to working with staff at all levels in the company, my job has been as rewarding as it was challenging. So for that, may I thank everyone who has played a part in this chapter of the Hatteland Display story.

For now though, may I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Best Regards,

Knut Vidar Lauritsen, President
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