Hatteland Display AS changes name to Hatteland Technology AS

Hatteland Technology is the leading technology provider of maritime display and computer products


"Fantastic and Congratulations to all the people of Hatteland Display. It is a great honor for Eiwa to have good business relationship with such a company with financial stability and high quality products as Hatteland Display. I will show the certificate to our members of board and customers.", comments Kazuo Endo Eiwa Corporation.

"We already enjoy a strong relationship with Hatteland Display but it is great to ensure our continued cooperation on a long-term basis as it enables us to guarantee that our customers will be using only the highest quality marine displays available on the market," commented Flip Westerhoff, Imtech.

"Italian yacht builders and shipyards place a huge amount of emphasis on style and functionality, so we were confident that the Series 2 would do well on its introduction to market," comments Massimo Minnella, Sales Manager, Team Italia. "The response we’ve had though has been overwhelming so we are extremely excited to place our first bulk orders for these cutting edge displays."

"We opted for the new Series 1 based on the numerous improvements Hatteland Display introduced for the redesigned version," comments Dag Utskot, Factory Manager Hernis Scan Systems. "Our CCTV systems are installed on vessels that operate in the most extreme environments so we have to provide monitors that are flexible and highly reliable. We believe the upgraded Series 1 family has those strengths and are confident that they will perform well for our customers."

"We already have experience of Hatteland Display’s products as they form an integral part of many of the marine system integrator’s solutions that we already work with, so this service agreement is a natural progression of this," comments Hiroyuki Koga, President of O.K.E. Service Co. Ltd. "From this foundation, and through training and collaboration, we are confident that we will provide Hatteland Display customers with a high quality service."

"We noticed a definite improvement in Hatteland Display’s ability to meet our demand for displays throughout the year," commented Sperry Marine’s operations manager for Europe, Chris Bruce. "We count on our major suppliers to provide us with quality products and good service and Hatteland Display achieved this, so we are delighted to show our thanks by naming them our most-improved supplier."

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