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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dimming of backlight down to zero for Series X products
When dimming backlight on the Hatteland Technology's Series X units to zero the GDC (Glass Display Control) buttons may become difficult to see in daylight.

In general, the brightness of these buttons follow the brightness of the panel, however we are now setting the minimum brightness of these buttons to GMB 0x04 from factory. It might still be hard to see in daylight but a higher value may be disruptive at night.

Nevertheless, customers can also set their own brightness value, please review this "Service Memo" document for procedure and more information: Service Memo: 9 Sep 2016

What is the maximum storing duration for our monitors until they cannot be used any longer?
Please review this document:

Long Term Storage Recommendations
Document updated: April 26, 2019 - 16:01

Is it necessary to periodically maintain the monitors?
It is highly recommended to periodically power up the monitors during extended storage times. Period: once a year.

Which measures would be necessary for the periodical maintenance?
Hatteland Technology's recommendation for Power-up a stored monitor is as follows:

Power up sequence:
- Apply current.
- Check that the signal source selected is Analog RGB1 in the OSD menu.
- Check that the brightness level on the LEDs and back light can be adjusted using the "+" and "-" buttons, or using the potentiometer if this is installed.
- Press both hot keys and verify that they are "no function".
- Monitor shall run for 2hrs, minimum. Apply any kind of picture.
- Turn off the display by pressing the Menu button for about six seconds.
- Check that the LEDs are turning one by one for a full circular rotation before the video source menu is displayed.
- Once the menu is displayed, all 8 LEDs shall glow red.

Hatteland Technology recommends to track such power up by document/checklist.

Could Hatteland Technology take care of the long-term storage for a Customer?
Hatteland Technology is open to negotiate at such request. Because of Costs, following considerations shall be done at least:
- Product type.
- Product value.
- Number of units.
- Contract to define such long-term storage.

Long Term Storage Recommendations
Document updated: April 26, 2019 - 16:01

What does the bonding process involve?
Please review this document:

Technical Description
Document updated: February 01, 2011 - 09:57

or search our website for more information regarding Optical Bonding

What does HWcode / HWxx mean?
Hardware Code 01 (HW01 and other numbers) are a series of technical and mechanical improvements engineered for our product ranges.

Example Engineering Change Notification
Search our website for more information here.

Dew / Condensation visible inside and outside of glass.
Applies for non-bonded products only. If exposed to humidity in combination with temperature variations, product might show condensation on the glass (inside and outside).

Inside condensation can be removed by:
- Power on the product and set brightness to 100%. During minutes, the internal temperature rise will remove condensation.
- By choosing Optical Bonding Technology solution from Hatteland Technology, dew condensation is no longer an issue.

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