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Hatteland Technology is the leading technology provider of maritime display and computer products

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MIL Qualified Products

Displays and computers are the critical link between the combat operator and today’s mission-critical systems. As the leading international supplier of rugged marine displays, computers and panel computers, Hatteland Technology understands the importance of product quality, reliability and performance. With over twenty five years experience, Hatteland Technology has established sophisticated design techniques, meticulous manufacturing processes, stringent testing programs and world-class quality control systems that reduce risk and total cost of ownership for our customers.

Whether your need is for COTS or custom product solutions, Hatteland Technology is dedicated to becoming a dependable link in your supply chain and logistics support network.

Through continual expansion and improvement of our development and manufacturing facilities as well as our global support network, customers worldwide have gained confidence in the quality and value of our products and solutions, and also in our ability to deliver and support them over the entire product lifecycle. Our knowledge of the unique design, testing and life-cycle management issues of displays and computers for naval vessels has enabled us to develop high quality Naval products, which can be found in navigation, automation and C4i solutions aboard everything from aircraft carriers and destroyers to patrol boats and submarines.

We also provide dedicated ECDIS calibration which enables us to deliver type approved ECDIS displays straight from the factory to you.

Past Performance - Navies

Our products are in applications for navigation, automation and C4i on a wide range of military vessel types, including Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers, Frigates, Mine Hunters, Patrol Boats and Submarines. With this much experience you can be sure that Hatteland Technology is a strong link in the naval supply chain.

Navies, amongst others, currently supplied by Hatteland Technology
Belgian, Canadian, Chilean, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese MSDF, Korean, Malaysian, Mexican, Norwegian, Polish, Royal Australian, Royal Navy (UK), Royal Navy of Oman, Singapore, South African, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, UAE and US

Coastguards currently supplied by Hatteland Technology
Germany, Japan, Jamaica, Netherlands, Norway and USA

Reference programs, among others, currently supplied by Hatteland Technology

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