Monday, July 09, 2007


Series 1, redesigned - schedule update


Dear Customers,
We like to inform you herewith about the more detailed and updated time schedule of introduction of our Series 1, redesigned.

It is our highest focus to deliver products with stability and clear improvement. We are sorry to inform you about delay in timing of availability.

Originally it was planned to start the Production (MP) of selected models at 1st of August.
Due to adoptions, design reasons and capacity, please consider the following detailed re-schedule.

The following schedule is valid for sizes of 15”, 19” and 23”.
All other sizes will follow afterwards.

Preliminary Datasheets and CAD drawings
The outer dimensions and connector placements are already fixed. There will be cosmetic changes during the next weeks.

           19” available now (links attached)
           23” available now (links attached)
           15” available mid of July 2007

Final Design release for Hardware and Electronics
           Mid September 2007

Expected final IEC test results
          1st week of November 2007

0-Series (limited volume) of 15”, 19” and 23” 
          Mid December 2007

Start of Mass Production of 15”, 19” and 23” , redesigned
          January 2008

First deliveries of 15”, 19” and 23” , redesigned
          February 2008

In case our delay in introduction will lead to an extended ordering for the current versions, please contact your responsible Hatteland contact or
any other Hatteland member.

Please be insured that we do our utmost to introduce the advantageous redesigned Series 1 as fast as possible but with the needed
Quality approach. Also please be ensured that we still have sufficient quantities available for the extended time period of the current version.


Attached file(s):
JH 19T12 MMD - Datasheet JH19T12MMD-rev01.pdf (303 Kb) JH 19T12 MMD - Datasheet
JH 23T12 MMD - Datasheet JH23T12MMD-rev01.pdf (329 Kb) JH 23T12 MMD - Datasheet
Technical Drawings jh19t12mmd_std_pre.dwg (2 Mb) Technical Drawings
Technical Drawings jh23t12mmd_std_pre.dwg (2 Mb) Technical Drawings


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