Friday, October 12, 2007


Series 1, redesigned - schedule update oct 2007


Dear Customers,

Please review the current status of the new redesigned Series 1 products. Our focus to deliver products with stability and clear
improvements lead us to a change regarding the dual-power input (AC and DC) for the first produced units.

Originally it was planned to start the production (MP) of selected models with the dual power input.
Due to risk analysis and the technical challenges to overcome, we decided to start the MP in January 2008 with
either the single input AC or DC only and not the dual power input solution.

The plan is valid for sizes of 15”, 19” and 23”.

Start of Mass Production of 15”, 19” and 23”, redesigned:
January 2008 (with single input AC or DC only)
June 2008 (with both AC and DC inputs)

First deliveries of 15”, 19” and 23”, redesigned:
February 2008 (either single input AC or DC only)

Type Approvals:
Hatteland Display AS will update existing certificates with new Series 1 combined AC/DC power models when IEC60945 & IACS E10
test reports are available.

We apologize that we are not able to have the dual power input available at the first announced date, but we hope for your understanding
that our goal is to produce high quality and reliable products for the continuing success and future of Series 1.

Please review the preliminary datasheets available from the links below.

Attached file(s):
Preliminary Datasheet JH15T15MMD-rev01.pdf (288 Kb) Preliminary Datasheet
Preliminary Datasheet JH19T12MMD-rev01.pdf (314 Kb) Preliminary Datasheet
Preliminary Datasheet JH23T12MMD-rev01.pdf (339 Kb) Preliminary Datasheet
Preliminary Technical Drawing preliminary_jh15t15mmd_std.dwg (1 Mb) Preliminary Technical Drawing
Preliminary Technical Drawing preliminary_jh19t12mmd_std.dwg (2 Mb) Preliminary Technical Drawing
Preliminary Technical Drawing preliminary_jh23t12mmd_std.dwg (2 Mb) Preliminary Technical Drawing


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