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Press Release

Lower costs and enhanced functionality revitalises industry standard marine display family

atteland Display has now announced the commencement of production and the availability to order of its enhanced Series 1
display product family. First introduced at Nor-Shipping 2007, the new Series 1 builds upon the high standards set by its
predecessor by driving down costs, adding new and upgraded functionality and extending flexibility.

First off the production line will be 15”, 19” and 23” products, which have been redesigned with the same form fit to ensure an exact
replacement for previous generation Series 1 displays. This enables system integrators to take advantage of the many benefits offered
by the new Series 1 without redesigning their consoles to install the new displays.

“Our R&D identified a number of areas where Series 1 could be enhanced by using new technology and manufacturing process but
we have been very careful to ensure that any changes are only for the positive, which is why the new displays are all exactly the same
form fit as the previous generation. In fact by adding a wider funnel on the rear side we have actually made Series 1 easier to install,
says Tomm-Erik Johannessen, Vice President R&D, Hatteland Display.

Among the enhancements on offer is the addition of a new screen bonding option. This is a Hatteland Display developed
solution that improves clarity and ruggedness, and negates the problem of screen misting. 


Connectivity has also been vastly improved. A new 160 pin I/O connector allows the connection of many common signal types
using just one cable connection. All known signal types of Hatteland's display models can now be accessed through this single
connector, such as Composite Video Input, S-VHS Video Input and Serial Communcation. Hatteland can now offer more signal
input/outputs upon request for customized solutions.

Hatteland Display has also integrated an Embedded Video Controller X-tended, enabling users to utilise more signals than before.
Other connections include RGB in and out, IEC outlet, 2 x COM ports and USB connection. The new Series 1 benefits from new,
easier to use IP66 rated controls and are IEC60945 tested.



--- About Hatteland Display ---
Hatteland Display manufactures high quality marine monitors and computers. Its products are used by system integrators and can be
found on all vessel types, all over the world. The company prides itself on quality, and boasts multiple Type Approvals across all of its
products. Hatteland Display was purchased by Ferd Private Equity Fund II on 27 March 2007.

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MMD Series 1 - User Manual inb100036-1_usermanual_series1_mmd.pdf (8 Mb) MMD Series 1 - User Manual
MMD Series 1 - Typenumber Overview ind100780-1_series1redesign_typenumber_desc.pdf (155 Kb) MMD Series 1 - Typenumber Overview


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