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Friday, January 30, 2009
Quality Focus for Reliable Operation


The Series 1 redesign family provides several improvements over the previous Series 1 range, which itself was the de facto marine industry standard display. Alongside new features and design improvements these new displays also offer an unparralled degree of quality, in both design and manufacture.

Reflecting this is the incredibly low return rate that we have experienced from customers. With a total of 1441 Series 1 redesign units shipped to date, there have only been ten warranty returns, which equates to an extremely low return rate of 0.69%. This reliability is inherent across all Hatteland Display products and comes from a dedication to providing high quality across the board.

Hatteland Display employs many quality systems and processes to ensure that products are built to the highest standards, including KPL, VSM, S5, Quality Deviation Reports and Product Tear Down to name but a few. Lean manufacturing has also introduced further quality enhancements.

Everyone at Hatteland Display is urged to review the QA Manual to ensure that they are familiar with all quality processes, and with the staff 100% behind our commitment to quality we have managed to achieve this outstanding return rate for Series 1 redesign products.

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