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Tuesday, February 3, 2009
Press Release

Improved service performance as part of expansion in American markets

The Ft. Lauderdale, Florida based Wheelhouse Marketing has started providing technical service and support to Hatteland Display customers. Wheelhouse Marketing is well positioned to build on Hatteland Display's already strong service offering in the USA, in line with the leading marine display and computer manufacturer's ongoing North American expansion and market focus.

"We are engaged in an effort to make Hatteland Display more visible in the American marine industry and Wheelhouse Marketing is an important part of this," comments David Hawthorne, General Manager - USA, Hatteland Display. "They have the product and industry expertise and knowledge, and are perfectly positioned in Ft. Lauderdale to offer our customers and end users fast and efficient service and support."

Wheelhouse Marketing's efforts in improving Hatteland Display's service & support are just one facet of the company's recent developments in the USA. After becoming an active member of the NMEA in April 2008, Hatteland Display moved into its new American headquarters in San Diego, California, in October 2008.

"2008 was a busy and challenging year but our positive reception in the American market means that it has been worth it," says Hawthorne. "The reputation for innovation and quality that Hatteland Display brings with it from the European and worldwide boatbuilding and commercial marine industry is starting to grow in the USA, and Wheelhouse Marketing's service & support will help to strengthen this."

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Hatteland Display is the leading technology provider of maritime display and computer products. We deliver high quality, unique and customized solutions to the international maritime market.

The company represents innovation and quality to the system integrators world wide. Effective quality assurance and investment in sophisticated in-house manufacturing methods and facilities enable us to deliver Type Approved and Mil tested products.

Our customer oriented approach, technical knowledge and dedication to R&D, makes us a trusted and preferred supplier of approved solutions, which are backed up by a strong service network.

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