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Monday, March 16, 2015

Engineering Change Notification (ECN)

Update: 15 July 2015: LCD upgrade for 19 inch Series 1 and Series X

LCD upgrade for 19 inch Series 1 and Series X

Hatteland Display hereby informs about changes for the following model(s):

JH 19T14 MMD-xxx-xxxx HD 19T21 xxx-xxx-xxxx

JH 19T14 MMD-xxx-xxxx
HD 19T21 xxx-xxx-xxxx

Note: Does not apply for High Bright models, Series X (HD 19T21). Customized models are ALSO affected by this Engineering Change Notification.There will be no changes in the part number, the change will be traced by a serial number jump (and a HW code upgrade in our system).

Applies to Maritime Multi Displays (MMD) and Maritime Panel Computers (MMC) / Industrial Standard Displays (STD) products as indicated.

01 Sept 2015. Units manufactured after this date, all purchase orders will be transferred to this new version when the last unit of existing version is shipped out. Please contact our sales department for detailed and controlled follow-up, if needed.

New and improved LCD module. The color presentation/stability is improved, as well as more vivid colors and better overall image. Below, the main characteristics of the LCDs.

LCD characteristics:

Parameter existing version:
Light intensity: 300cd.
Contrast: 1000:1.
View angle: +/-89deg Horizontal, +/-89deg Vertical.
Backlight: LED.

Parameter new version:
Light intensity: 350cd.
Contrast: 1500:1.
View angle: +/-85deg Horizontal, +/-85deg Vertical.
Backlight: LED.

Hatteland Display have tested and verified the new LCD panel and has been through a full and formal EN60945 & IACS E10 compliance test at DNV. The new LCD panel is the latest introduction product from LCD supplier, hence we expect this LCD to be available for many years to come.

For further enquiries regarding this Engineering Change Notification, please contact HelpDesk at Hatteland Display.

Implemented by:
Frode Grindheim
Vice President Product Management
Hatteland Display AS
Read and Understood by:

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Document Reference ID: 05_2015_ECN

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