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Friday, May 26, 2017
32 inch Multi Vision Display

The new 32 inch Series X MVD (Multi Vision Display) features the same 4K screen resolution and high-end panel technology as the 55 inch Ultra High Definition Chart & Planning table.

Like our Series X 55 inch Ultra High Definition displays, the new 32 inch Series X MVD provides unmatched viewing clarity in all light conditions. The 32 inch model has been designed to enable a new generation of sophisticated, function rich and user-friendly bridge technologies that demand only the best display solutions to ensure increased navigational safety and efficiency.

With its Ultra High Definition (4K) resolution and superior brightness and contrast, the cutting-edge LED display technology used in the 32 inch Series X MVD enables the presentation of large amounts of multi-application data on a single screen instead of multiple displays. This enables technology developers and systems integrators to streamline console designs and make operation of complex vessel control solutions easier, while reducing installation costs and improving reliability by using fewer overall components for bridge system development.

Approved for harsh maritime environments where reliability and long life time are key factors, the new 32 inch Series X MVD display is a robust, flexible and ergonomic solution, suitable for a wide range of bridge applications including ECDIS, radar, voyage planning, safety systems and tactical command and control platforms.

Features include:
Console or bracket mounting
Multi-data input
Optical bonding
Full dimming
Built in On-Screen Display (OSD)
Optional 40 point Multi-touch touch interface
Option to be supplied calibrated for ECDIS.

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