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Friday, May 26, 2017
Panel Computers - Series X Generation 2 (G2)

24, 26 and 27 inch Panel Computers join the second generation Series X range to provide a new platform for current and future product development, for integrated bridge systems.

Developed to accommodate a new data-centric approach to vessel navigation and safety, our new 24, 26 and 27 inch Series X Panel Computers integrate powerful Intel Skylake processor-based computers, high quality display technology and advanced video processing, to deliver a powerful all-in-one computer/display solution.

Series X Panel Computers provide bridge system designers with unmatched flexibility to create far more ergonomic layouts as all components can be housed in one place, which in turn reduces cabling requirements. Series X Panel Computers enable tangible cost savings for equipment manufacturers and systems integrators, largely because they provide the same power and picture quality as a standard display and separate PC configuration, but with lower capital expenditure (relative to purchase of separate displays and computers) and installation costs. In turn, they can be used as the basis of cost reduction programs, which makes it possible for technology integrators to continue improving vital bridge applications whilst still retaining focus on cost for partners and end-customers.

By expanding the second generation Series X portfolio to include these larger Panel Computer models, we have been able to provide more flexibility for equipment manufacturers to utilise the most powerful computers and highest quality displays in a wider range of vessel technology, especially on the bridge. This flexibility will grow further soon, with second generation Series X 15, 17 and 19 inch models in the pipeline.

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