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Friday, June 12, 2009
ECN - Engineering Change Notification

Firmware update for Maritime Multi Display Series 1

Hatteland Display hereby informs about the following firmware update.


Previous Revision of EVX: V0.37.xx

New Revision of EVX: E1.40.xx with the following changes applied:

  a) Implement OSD password protection function, review linked user manual below.
  b) Under PIP display mode on 27", aspect ratio fix to full screen mode in the PIP.
  c) Update Spanish language.
  e) PIP size and position is allow to adjust when no source.
  f) Hold "Menu" key for 3 seconds, instead of right key, to turn the test pattern off.
  g) Update startup sequence for fixing failure at startup.
  h) Updated serial communication manual with new commands, review linked INB100018-3 below.

Note: Function g) will not work with older ECOM version. Need SW100066-1G09 or newer.

Previous Revision of EVX: SW10066-1D04 - SW10066-1F06

New Revision of EVX: SW10066-1G09 with the following changes applied:

  a) Update startup sequence for fixing failure at startup.
  b) Fix fault in RS232/RS422 communication. Older version would not answer 100%.
  c) Added new SCOM CMD. See INB100018-3.

APPLICABLE FOR: (including certain customized solutions)
JH 15T15 MMD-xxx-xxxx models
JH 15T17 MMD-xxx-xxxx models
JH 19T12 MMD-xxx-xxxx models
JH 19T14 MMD-xxx-xxxx models
JH 20T17 MMD-xxx-xxxx models
JH 23T12 MMD-xxx-xxxx models
JH 27T11 MMD-xxx-xxxx models

5 May 2009

Bodil Udstuen 29 April 2009

Approved by:
Frode Grindheim
Vice President Product Management
Hatteland Display AS
Read and Understood by:

(Your name and Company)

For further enquiries, please contact our Technical Support Division.

Links to relevant file(s):
image inb100036-1_usermanual_series1_mmd_rev09.pdf 13mb User Manual
image inb100018-3_specification_of_scom_series1_rev01.pdf 13mb User Manual
Please note that newer versions of these manuals may be available at:

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