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Tuesday, May 21, 2013
8 and 13.3"
Suitable for dynamic narrow space applications

The two smallest Series X models are the 8 inch and 13.3 inch wide screen units.

These models are ideal for applications such as engine control, propulsion and many other shipboard automation systems. Both sizes have Multitouch touchscreen support and offer a host of capability.

8 inch:
Intel® Atom™ N450 based panel computer and DVI-I (RGB or DVI).

13.3 inch:
Intel® GM45/P8400 Core™2 Duo or Intel® Atom™ N450 based panel computer and DVI-I (RGB or DVI).

Redundant power supply
2 x CAN w/separate CO processor,
   running its own software (good for critical applications)
Dual LAN
Watchdog solution, that can include external
   watchdog feature
Watchdog relay output
Isolated IO
Industrial connectors
Extended alarm function – after power loss

KEY PERFORMANCE - Functionality:
IO designed for control in industrial systems
2 x CAN option available
4 x COM (RS-422 / RS-485)
   NMEA compliant, option available

Low power consumption
No moving parts
Heat-pipe system (no fan)
SSD disk (no rotating HDD)
Touch screen and touch buttons, projected
   capacitive technology

Engine control systems
Log systems
Automation systems
Propulsion control
Safety systems
Information systems

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