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Friday, July 15, 2011

Engineering Change Notification

New LCD version in our 15" MMD/MMC

The earthquake in Japan March 2011, caused a lack of supply on several components from Japan. We needed to do a change to our 15" product range, since the backlight modules in the LCD module was stopped as an immediate result of the earthquake. We secured as many LCD modules as possible of the existing version (using both official channels and on spot market) to make sure there was no impact to our customers. In parallel, we initiated the work of approving a new version of the LCD module in the 15" product range.

This work is now finalized. The products are still in full compliance with 60945 / E10. The existing Type Approvals Certificates supplied by Hatteland Display (prior to this change) from the Classification Societies are valid. Since this is an unusual situation, we have not been able to inform following our standard timeline and offer LTB on existing version. We are sorry any problem this might cause, and will support in any way possible to make this change easy.

Please be informed by the following:

JH 15T17 MMD-xxx-xxxx JH 15T17 MMC-xxx-xxxx

JH 15T17 MMD-xxx-xxxx
JH 15T17 MMC-xxx-xxxx

Note: Customized models are ALSO affected by this Engineering Change Notification. There will be no changes in the part number, the change will be traced by a serial number jump (and a HW code upgrade in our system).

We will start shipments of this new version from August 1 - 2011, and expect to only be shipping the new version by the end of August 2011.

- New LCD version, from Sharp LQ150X1LW72 to Sharp LQ150X1LW73.
- No changes in the technical performance, optical data is the same.
- Keeping the same video scaler chip, same electronics, same power supply and same mechanics as before. (Form-Fit-Function).

For further enquiries regarding this Engineering Change Notification, please contact HelpDesk at Hatteland Display.

Implemented by:
Frode Grindheim
Vice President Product Management
Hatteland Display AS
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