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Thursday, June 6, 2009
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Color Calibration for ECDIS from Hatteland Display

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Hatteland Display is the only marine display manufacturer able to offer fully approved displays for use in ECDIS systems, thanks to its new color calibration service. The challenge of color calibration that Hatteland Display overcomes is to make sure all 3 x 63 colors defined in an ECDIS are correctly displayed on the surface of the LCD, ensuring that in use, there is no chance of the S57 chart being read incorrectly due to incorrect colors. The new color lab gives Hatteland Display the ability to perform in-house measurements to support both calibration and verification methods, which are required for the Type Approval of displays for ECDIS.

Hatteland Display's new color calibration service, which was introduced in September 2008 can provide final type approved displays that can be integrated directly in an ECDIS, or color calibration services at any stage of a customers' product life-cycle. By offering a range of methods to ensure displays are properly calibrated, Hatteland Display can become an integral part of a system integrators manufacturing process at any stage, ensuring that they can concentrate on development of solutions for their customers.

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In addition to ensuring that ECDIS approval requirements are met, correct color calibration allows new system components to be installed with ease. Once calibration is complete, displays and computers within an ECDIS can be interchangeable, without the need for further approvals. This ensures smooth servicing and maintenance and long product life as new displays and computers are integrated over what could be decades of use of an ECDIS.

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