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Friday, June 27, 2008
Expansion in the North American Naval and Yachting Markets


Hatteland Display has embarked on a strategy to expand its activity in the US yachting and commercial markets, which includes recently becoming a member of the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) and making the flagship product line available to US consumers for the first time through a new and growing network of dealers. Additionally local stocking and service facilities have been established in Florida.

"Due to growing demand, we are opening up new channels in the US to help us get closer to the end user, both in shipping and in the recreational sector," says David Neal, Sales Manager Yacht Division - USA. "Through becoming an NMEA member, expanding our dealer network and making our products more available to end users, we are aiming to make the Hatteland Display name highly regarded by the end user. We also understand the importance of local stocking and service, which is why we have made arrangements in the state of Florida."

Hatteland Display has been in the marine display and computer business for 21 years. It has built up a reputation of quality products and service in the commercial, naval and yachting industries, working directly with boat builders, designers and system integrators. Hatteland Display products are known for their quality, reliability and screen clarity, due in part to the company's commitment to R&D and utilising the latest display technology and manufacturing techniques such as a sophisticated optical bonding process, which reduces condensation and the risk of overheating whilst improving sunlight viewing. The company also holds Type Approvals for its entire range of products.

Hatteland Display's flagship product line is the award winning Series 2, which has gained a serious following in the USA due to exposure from yachts crossing the Atlantic and from international yachting magazines. Although most eyes are on Series 2, Hatteland Display is committed to ensuring that the company's other products are readily available. The Series 1 family of displays and computers is near-industry standard throughout the world's commercial marine industries and remains popular with system integrators and shipbuilders. This line of displays and computers will also become widely available through American dealers for the first time.

"We're confident that American yacht owners will appreciate Series 2 becoming widely available but we're also committed to the continued support of Series 1," says David Neal. "Our range of Type Approved displays and computers is immensely popular and most people who have ever been on the bridge of a large yacht would have seen them. We're starting an exciting time for Hatteland Display in North America and we're sure the reputation we have built over the years will help establish the Hatteland Display brand, with Series 2 as our flagship in the yachting sector."

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