Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Engineering Change Notification (ECN)

Firmware update for Maritime Multi Display Series 1

Hatteland Display hereby informs about changes for the following model(s):

JH 15T15 MMD-xxx-xxxx
JH 15T17 MMD-xxx-xxxx
JH 19T12 MMD-xxx-xxxx
JH 19T14 MMD-xxx-xxxx
JH 20T17 MMD-xxx-xxxx
JH 22T11 MMD-xxx-xxxx
JH 23T12 MMD-xxx-xxxx
JH 27T11 MMD-xxx-xxxx

2 December 2009

- ECOM: Old revision: SW100066-1D04 - New revision: SW100066-1H02
- ECOM: Added ECDIS storage data support
- ECOM: Added full support for RS422/485
- ECOM: Support new EVX firmware
- EVX: Old revision: V0.37.00 - New revision: V1.47.00
- EVX: Added signal support for custom signals
- EVX: Implement OSD password protection function (default off)
- EVX: On PIP mode, second source change to full screen mode
- EVX: Changed first position of PIP
- EVX: Changed start up sequence to fix start up problem.
- EVX: Added DDC setup function
- EVX: Fix hotkey adjusting issue.

New EVX need new version of ECOM to work.

For further enquiries regarding this Engineering Change Notification, please contact HelpDesk at Hatteland Display.

Implemented by:
Frode Grindheim
Vice President Product Management
Hatteland Display AS
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