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Service Memo Notifications

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SM #01
09 Sep 2016
Dimming of backlight down to zero for Series X products

SM #01
15 Nov 2012
Solid State Disk (SSD) device, write endurance and disk failures

SM #01
02 Feb 2011
HT C01 DVI-I connector bracket

SM #03
11 Oct 2010
Series 2 Touch Screen failure symptoms.
SM #02
24 Aug 2010
Unexpected shut down
    We have identified rare cases of the Series 1 range of display units failing when exposed to higher
    temperature than normal room temperature.
SM #01
24 Aug 2010
Keypad locked in reprogramming sequence.
    The keypad for Series 1 range of display units has a built-in hotkey (holding the "+"
    button active for at least 5 seconds, while powering the unit) to let the keypad
    reprogram itself (the keypad features a micro controller which uses its own firmware.

SM #02
31 Aug 2009
During end test of stored JH 27T11MMD Displays, moist/fog was discovered on some displays.

SM #01
13 Jul 2009
During test of unused COM ports (3-6) connected to an active network, a problem
    with high CPU load was discovered. The problem is related to unhandled interrupts in the driver
    layers. For all "open" COM ports, the interrupts are handled and this error will therefore not reoccur.


SM #01
24 Jan 2008
Information about potentional "no picture" failure on video controllers (JH1600)
Used in the HATTELAND® Maritime Multi Display (MMD 17-23 inch) products manufactured from Oct 2006 to Apr 2007.

Rev 2 - 24 Jan 2008: Revised: Current company profile, problem description and OSD firmware indication text.


SM #01
14 Oct 2002
Information about defective MMD products in Sep. and Oct. 2002

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